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We are an award-winning optician priding ourselves in a professional service that tailors to your needs.

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Doing your own research isn’t easy, but neither is keeping up with crypto. Delphi Insights is institutional-grade research. Without the institutional prices.

What's included

Break down the charts with Market Insights.

Keeping track of the many different markets isn't for everyone. Don't get caught off guard by the macro with Market Insights, where we dive into the charts from both a fundamental and technical level. Be a genius at the bottom, not the top.
"We’ve been warning that USD strength is one of the biggest headwinds for markets, including BTC and crypto."
- Market Insights 14th April 2022
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Make every mint count with NFT Insights.

You could spend 24/7 online waiting to come across that perfect NFT project. It's a feasible strategy. Alternatively, let our NFT analysts do the hard work for you while you touch grass and enjoy the art.
Each week we explore both up & coming projects and upcoming mints.
- NFT Insights 13th April 2022
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It's just honest work in our Yield Insights.

"He who conquers the yield conquers the world" - some guy on Twitter, probably. Finding the best yield in DeFi is tougher than ever, but we'll show you the best yields across the lands so you can sit back, relax (and read more Delphi).
A sample of yields previewed in a recent Yield Insights report.
- Yield Insights 20th April 2022
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Govern your knowledge with DAO Insights

With the ever-growing network of DAOs across the Metaverse, it may seem impossible to keep up with the genre defining proposals that shake up the industry. In DAO Insights we explore DAO's in detail. Stay up to date with the intel that matters.
"Tribe DAO received a proposal from Index Coop contributor Mathew Graham to participate in Index’s new Governance House product."
- DAO Insights 12th April 2022
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We are an award-winning optician priding ourselves in a professional service that tailors to your needs.

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